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As a Divorce Financial Planner, Lee works with you and your attorney to help obtain a settlement that is workable now and in the future. Through his analysis of your financial situation, he is able to answer questions like Can you afford to keep the house? What will your post divorce lifestyle be like? Will you be able to survive on the support your spouse is offering?

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Gayle, a stay-at-home mom with a 20- year marriage, thought she had a great divorce settlement. She got the house and enough cash flow from child support and maintenance that she did not have to work. Three years later, two of her children turned twenty-one and child support was reduced almost in half. Maintenance ended the next year. Suddenly, Gayle had to remortgage her only asset, the house, and use up her equity to remain solvent.

Too often women come to me after it's too late to be of any real help. I want to say "why didn't you come to me before your divorce was finalized." My 10-year cash flow projections could have alerted Gayle and her attorney that this problem was going to occur (see case sample) and they could have negotiated a more durable agreement. I do the analysis for my clients so they won't unknowingly end up in Gayle's situation.


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