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As a Divorce Financial Planner, Lee works with you and your attorney to help obtain a settlement that is workable now and in the future. Through his analysis of your financial situation, he is able to answer questions like Can you afford to keep the house? What will your post divorce lifestyle be like? Will you be able to survive on the support your spouse is offering?

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Ike and Tina

When Ike and Tina got divorced, Ike assumed that Tina would not need alimony since she could go back to her job as a schoolteacher. Tina had given up working to raise the kids 7 years ago when Ike's business took off. Tina's initial budget calculations showed that she and the kids needed $2,250 per month to maintain their life style, with Ike continuing to pay the mortgage on the house plus taxes and maintenance expenses. After working with me to carefully track her expenses, Tina discovered that she really needed $4,685 per month. Ike was willing to pay what Tina and the kids needed to be comfortable, but no more.

Through the charts and graphs I developed, we were able to show Ike and his attorney how he could afford to pay this amount. By minimizing the family's taxes, only a modest increase in Ike's after tax cash contribution was required to satisfy the family's need.


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