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Divorce can be devastating and emotional pain is something that money can never heal. But, there are ways to lessen the stress of divorce. Lee will help you move away from emotional issues of your marriage and focus on practical concerns of your life ahead.

Lee develops powerful plans and strategies to advocate for your case. He produces spreadsheets and graphs that analyze proposed settlements for use by your attorney in conferences and presentations before the court. He uses special divorce software to demonstrate the financial consequences of various scenarios and to recommend alternatives. As part of this process, you will learn about the financial issues related to your divorce and understand your options and so you can make informed decisions.

Most clients enter divorce looking backward toward the past, seeing broken dreams, what went wrong and whose fault it was. Lee Slater sees Divorce Financial Planning as a way to change clients’ perspective to face toward the future and structure their finances for what lies ahead.

Disclosure Statement: Divorce Financial Planners are not licensed to practice law. As such they cannot make determinations of maintenance and/or equitable distribution. Financial planners review and analyze financial data and develop scenarios incorporating different financial options. You should always consult an attorney regarding legal issues

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