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Matrimonial Attorneys; We Can Help You Demystify Financial Issues For Your Divorcing Clients
Divorce Financial Planning; A Reality Check For Your Clients'

Financial planners are recognized experts in the area of personal finance. Financial planners trained in divorce can be an extremely valuable resource during the divorce process because they understand the legal process, as well as divorce-related financial and tax issues, and are capable of working with emotionally charged clients.

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Forward Looking

Planning for the future is an essential part of every divorce and fundamental to financial planning. Settlements that look fair initially may become inequitable or unworkable over time. A standard part of the financial planning process is the projection of future results. For instance, financial planners project retirement income into the future in order to calculate the annual contribution necessary for a desired post-retirement lifestyle. Divorce planners are cognizant of how a person's financial situation can change over time and can produce 10 or 15-year cash flow projections of settlement proposals in order to check long-term workability.



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