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Matrimonial Attorneys; We Can Help You Demystify Financial Issues For Your Divorcing Clients
Divorce Financial Planning; A Reality Check For Your Clients'

Financial planners are recognized experts in the area of personal finance. Financial planners trained in divorce can be an extremely valuable resource during the divorce process because they understand the legal process, as well as divorce-related financial and tax issues, and are capable of working with emotionally charged clients.

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Litigation Support

Attorneys have told us that CPA services have become unduly costly and burdensome in matrimonial litigation. An excellent alternative is using the services of a Divorce Financial Planner. As the expert in the area of personal finance, financial planners have the credentials and expertise to perform a historical lifestyle analysis; examine a client's current and projected post-marital budget; project the tax impact of various scenarios; and testify as an expert witness on budgets, tax, and lifestyle issues. Lee Slater can produce powerful financial analyses using spreadsheets and graphs for presentation before the court, making your job as litigator easier.

Note: We do not do valuation of businesses, professional practices and licenses, or forensic accounting.



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