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Mediators: Solve Complex Financial Issues by Working With an Experienced Divorce Financial Planner
We Can Help You Achieve Divorce Settlemnets That Work For Both Parties

The financial issues in divorce are difficult because there is often not enough income after divorce for both parties to maintain their marital lifestyles. It is your job to help the parties arrive at a fair and workable settlement, and Lee Slater can help. In Mediation or Collaborative Divorce, Lee works in two different ways:

1. Individually, in support of the spouse who is less knowledgeable financially, in order to keep negotiations on an equal footing

2. With both spouses to document and organize financial data, look at the effects of different scenarios, and minimize taxes to create additional post-divorce cash flow.

You have been in sessions where one party was not holding his or her own and you needed a strategy to insure that the process remains fair. Often, Lee is retained during the mediation to work with the less financially savvy spouse. He use the financial planning methodology to help her/him understand key financial issues, including prioritizing financial goals and developing workable post-marital budgets within available income limits. At times, a reality check is necessary, since there is only so much money to go around. Depending on the clients' needs and concerns, Lee does a comprehensive analysis of the financial issues that will affect their post-marital lives, such as insurance, retirement planning, college funding and estate planning.

When Lee works with both spouses, the first step is establishing their assets, liabilities, and post-marital budgets. Once assets are divided and support is allocated, Lee prepares a 10-year cash flow analysis to insure that the plan will work going forward. Finally, through efficient allocation of tax deductions, Lee is able to minimize taxes and increase cash flow so that both parties will have the most money available to support their post-divorce lifestyles.

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