Couple Facing the Financial Uncertainty of Divorce

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Don't Make Critical Financial Mistakes in Your Divorce
Find Out How to Remove the Financial Uncertainty in Your Divorce

Like most of my clients at the beginning of their divorce, you probably feel a tremendous amount of uncertainty regarding your financial future. You are asking question like …

  • How will my lifestyle change?
  • Will I be able to keep the house?
  • Will the children still be able to stay in their school or college?
  • What about the money in my retirement plan?

The financial decisions that you make as part of the divorce process are likely to be the most important economic decisions that you will make during your lifetime. Once your divorce is signed, it's too late to make changes.

Lee Slater is an experienced financial planner who focuses on the financial issues in divorce. Working with your attorney as part of your divorce team, Lee will do everything within his power to help you achieve the best possible financial result.

What Is Divorce Financial Planning?

Financial planning is fundamentally about helping people take control of their lives, making the most of their opportunities and embracing the challenge of a finite lifespan to do what can be done in the little time we have here.

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